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New Zealand
We are looking for trade qualified and experienced plumbers to work on a variety of projects, who want to become part of busy professional teams through out new zealand. now is the time to begin the adventure that is living, and working in nz! the successful applicant will possess the following attributes: plumbing experience. ideally with construction experience developed through your apprenticeship, and as you progressed to a tradesman. relevant work experience in the industry. a focus on continuously developing your craft as a plumber. a conscientious, honest and partnering attitude towards clients, your co-workers. mini excavator experience would be an advantage. owner/plumbers with relevant experience welcome to apply. have a health & safety, environmental and quality focus. a passion for satisfying customer's requirements and expectations. ability to analyse problems and implement effective solutions on a timely basis and have experience in a similar role. show initiative, enthusiasm and have good prese...
08 gennaio 2018 - 19:00
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